About Our Rippleffect

Our purpose is to nurture talent, empower charities and help you help others.

Why We Care

We believe in showcasing human talent and innovation around the world. Why do we believe this? Because just that little bit extra awareness can be transformational. It can encourage, inspire and uplift. Our Rippleffect draws on the kindness and generosity of others to provide financial support.

Even a small amount can make a huge difference. We also act as a networking website connecting talent with talent scouts, managers and advertising agencies.

Our purpose does not end there though. We showcase charities and good causes, so that people in need of
life-giving support receive it. Our invitation to you today is not only to be part of Our Rippleffect – it’s to be part of someone’s dream and need for help. Thank you.

Ethics supporting Our Rippleffect

Our Rippleffect is a fundraising platform to improve communities around the world.
We do this by helping to raise money for people with a talent that needs nurturing, and for people prevented from developing a skill because of a lack of resources.

Our support is for people needing global recognition for their art, craft, or innovation or who need this platform to showcase their talent to find a management contract.

Key too to Our Rippleffect is fundraising for charitable causes around the world that have found it difficult to receive adequate funding.

Please note that we do not take any fees for charitable projects or to list videos of any type.

We only take a finder’s fee if the talent is engaged in a marketing or funding contract negotiated with the agent so that it costs the talent nothing.

Our aim is to create a positive flow of uplifting videos and stories designed to showcase the talent, humour, skill or interesting aspects of everyday people with extraordinary gifts.