How it Works

Thank you for being here. We’ve made the part about how Our Rippleffect works nice and easy for you. We look forward to welcoming you into our community.

What is Our Rippleffect?

We’re a fundraising platform to help improve communities across the globe. We help to raise money for people with a talent that needs nurturing, and for people who need resources to develop a skill.

Key also to Our Rippleffect is fundraising for charitable causes around the world that have been unable to receive adequate funding.

Interested in being part of Our Rippleffect? Read on to see how it works – and then get in touch!


We’re so thankful you’re here. Your interest in supporting people in need of help and encouragement around the world means so much to us. Thank you. To make an even bigger difference, one that has the power to change, please follow the steps below.
Pick who to donate to
Step 1
Browse the talent, inventions or charities we showcase. Pick who you’d like to help and click donate.
Choose how much
Step 2
Choose how much you would like to donate to support the cause you’ve chosen.
Pay via secure payment
Step 3
Go through the secure payment system.
Payment made and donation sent
Step 4
Payment is made – thank you! You’ve made a difference with your donation.

Video Library & Inventors

There are so many people who won’t get to have a shot at their dream because of a lack of resources. Do you feel that’s you? Do you need help by having a platform to showcase your talent or your invention? Follow the steps below and that help may come soon.
Create an account
Step 1
Create an account, or log in, and then click the Upload Talent button.
Submit video
Step 2
Go through the simple steps for submitting your video.
Video reviewed
Step 3
Your submission then goes out for review with our team.
Video live
Step 4
Once it’s passed the review, your video goes live!

Become a Charity

We want to help charities that have been unable to receive adequate funding for a project, or even just to keep going. It’s essential that a process is followed though for charities keen to feature on Our Rippleffect. The good news for you, is that we’ve made it simple and easy to follow.
Get in touch
Step 1
Hit the Charity Application button, fill in the form and submit.
Go over details
Step 2
We’ll then go over what you’ve sent and get in touch. If approved, we’ll then set up your charity page.
Approved and live charity listing
Step 3
If everything is approved, your page is live. We’ll provide login details and hopefully you’ll soon start to receive support.

How to get paid

Wondering how everything works with regards to getting paid? Let’s break it down in these steps.
Step 1
You need to log in to your account.
Select payments
Step 2
Head to the payments section in your account.
Add paypay email
Step 3
Enter your PayPal email address.
Receive money
Step 4
You’ll start receiving people’s donations for your cause.