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The occupation of the Spirit.

Employed by God

This is not a traditional employment

I don’t have the qualifications to work in God’s office

I have no idea how my application went through

I don’t know when I attended the interview

I was appointed by the miraculous hand of God

His Word sliced through my fears and ears

His Love found a home in my heart

I am ready to occupy the pedestal of hope

I am grateful to serve in the house of God

My spirit is very happy to work with God’s people

I am ready to operate on those with non-belief tendencies

Those who have declared God non-existent

My pen is a sharp scalpel

It does not stop until God’s Word is heard

It is not a bayonet but it can cut through the thickest skull

To deliver the message of unconditional Love

This precious load is the most beautiful assignment in the whole universe

It does not require any special skills or any technological know-how

It just needs me to listen to the call of Silence

And be present inside the realm of nothingness

My body, mind and soul to occupy the office of emptiness

Here I will be equipped with knowledge, understanding and wisdom

I will be given the manuscript of faith, hope and Love

Then I will be allowed to burn bright

The path of Light shall guide me into the deepest recesses of your heart

This is where I will apply the sacred knowledge

To cultivate and nourish the substance of your being

I am a gardener inside the garden of God

I am a Spirit Poet


Inspired by Joseph Gnatek

©Kenneth Maswabi




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