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Again, and again I’ll pronounce it,

Again and again I’ll listen to the drumbeat

Again and again I’ll refresh its memories;

By it’s feeling I’ll off my worries.


Again and again I’ll listen to the songs

The songs that resound in me

Like the melodies of sherobims

And chill my heart like morning wine


Again and again I’ll dance to the tone

Played by the rhythm of your heartbeat

I will remember that touch

That palpates my frayed nerves


Again and again,I will pronounce your love

I will pronounce your name

I will tell the world how I feel

I will raise my voice

To let them know you rock my world….


Again and again, I shall remind you,

That I love you

I pray you count not the wrongs

For I’ve buried yours beneath the earth

Again and again,let the rhythm play

And shout it loud,

That I love you.


By Etim Onyam

25th  May 2020


Love is a beautiful thing,it connects two different hearts and makes them beat as one.

In this poem, the poet personae pours out his commitment to his lover and wishes that his lover doesn’t count his flaws because he has long forgiven her own wrongs

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