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Philosophistication Poetry (Logo)


New air is the color of coal,
death roaming while shooting out
victims and leaving weeping souls,
life right now is too foul to love,
its conspiracies and the truth
is scarce, we’re scared of being
another part of the statistic list,
clench your teeth, we die by the
plague’s fist this time, where’s
the last feast, we’re the disciples
and the savior is nowhere in sight,
switch off the light lets pray more
and more, we’re here to complement
the reasons for war, here to starve
because we’re poor, someone should
teach us about this life where we
roam, we’re scorned, scotched, now
we’re corpses in ash, under the
mattress we have overused our stash,
we’re perishing; when they protest
isn’t it a rational demonstration,
emancipation in the dark is still
enlightenment without the light,
forget that we ever lived, we’re beings
with spite, forget who’s the right person
to trust now; it’s the Gates and reptilians
waiting to swallow us from the heart’s pith,
someone call Jehovah to pitch to us
about the plan that is in reach, reach
out to me before I lose myself in
this intense world of words, we’re
coughing; corona maybe, you’re sick
and you’re like a dog with rabies,
save the babies, closed schools, closed
churches, and starving families in cages.
Ghettos are overpopulated and my
fellow Africans dying behind the hedge,
cut down the fence, food parcels and
connections still determine your fate,
intestines carrying not butterflies; but
carrying green flies.

These documents are carrying lies,
these numbers are from a consensus
of individuals dying of hunger ties,
white collar crimes and bitcoin mines,
currency rates in the pits, benefiting
little business minded fiends with
ironed shirts, life is as short as a skit,
tik-tok, time disappears as we toosie slide
to grave-sites, we’re lacking sight, the
third eye is behind a tinted lens,
the mind is drowning in fake facts,
can’t you see what you missing as
you breathe, open your mind, you’re
enclosed up in a mental shack,
shake off the fear from your mindset,
clench your fist; we’re here to change what
is and what might be, celebrities shouting
telling us to stay within, its propaganda
while the shack and the one roomed
corridor is where you live, hungry
while the stomach clenches with a strong grip,
cracked lips and sipping on the sweat
dripping down your ashy neck,
lend me sanity as I breathe in these
publicized facts, maybe Madagascar
carries the alchemy that we need,
or maybe it’s some political thing
being pushed by Rajoelina’s mindset,
is this the end of us as we stop to breathe,
who shall feed the village kids,
no ping-pong or laptops for these
kids sitting in village trees, privileged
ones zooming and skyping and
benefiting while some left to
count stones on the side of the
dusty path.

A traumatized bunch; its samp and
sugar water for lunch; its black people
are not infected; it’s a european sickness,
its conscious people clucking their heads,
it’s conspiracies about a reptilian people,
its 5g conspiracies being towed off,
it’s a half loaf being sliced fifty ways,
its payday for the seven babies’ parents,
its social media filled with informative
threads, its boredom that strikes,
its a depressing time and its a
crime to breathe in air, you die
when droplets touch your face,
change your pace, we’re relaxing forever,
happily ever after, lovers are separated
by these current dangers, its the peoples
of the manger with online congregates and
business schemes as churches ask
for subscription for some cash, the
house of the lord is more expensive
than spotify; who’ll rectify all these
injustices, someone forgive our sins,
Moses’ time is now, the plague has
attacked my kind, minds lost and prophecies
are false as you note, its Hades one
and for us it’s naught, we perish and
it’s all our fault, bring the salt we’re about
to cleanse our home with some Iodated
pheromones that repel sickness daemons.

By Eugene ‘Philosophisticater’

Artwork by Tomasz Alen Kopera

Philosophistication Poetry © All Rights Reserved ©

An Elaborate Hoax

Today’s society, what is life like from a bird’s eye. Who are we as a people? What defines us? What do we believe in, is life a series of our own simulations? Breathe First; is it all An Elaborate Hoax.

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