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They met each other tenth grade
in the detention room,
while the teachers were prophesying
doom for their futures, gloom
they said would bloom,
but they were already lost
in each other’s blinks,
heartbeats in sync,
they had taught their
souls to hold hands in
that moment of bliss,
in spirit they kissed,
in class they got lost
in moments of thinking about
each other’s lips, not really
good with academics,
ADHD, ADD, OCD, they had a hard time
understanding the calculations
of frequencies and currencies,
but they knew how to count
and calculate each other’s
heartbeats and shuttering blinks,
in each other’s presence they
never flinched, they were
delinquents, in school corridors
they were scolded and laughed at,
but they never felt alone,
together they became a bone
of each other’s bone, she smiled,
he giggled, in fear of the hateful
school system they mingled,
in each other there was peace,
when one shuttered they pieced
themselves together,
the whole world would burn
around them, in the heat
of the chaos they would find
themselves being rainbows in
the midst of the storms,
both their mothers were addicts,
fathers were either absent
or drunkards with a reputation
of violence, but they forgot everything
about their lives, fantasies were
within even though they were
stuck in moments where others
would weep…

Graduation day, no one clapped
hands when their names were called,
they just waited for one
another with empty chairs around
them, after the graduation they
headed to the hills, watched
the stars crumbling, and told
each other about what they
dreamt of, she slept on
his chest, they watched the silent
night, they couldn’t fit
with the other crowd, no
parties for their kind,
no wine to sooth the pain inside,
they felt the soothing breeze
on each other’s flesh, he reached
into his pocked, pulled out a
plastic bracelet, ‘I made this
for you’, she saw beauty in that,
tears flowing down her right cheek,
she looked fascinated, she lied
on his chest, listened to his
heartbeat, took a nap in her paradise,
alone, but in each other they
were truly found, bound to
each other’s affections,
with no mother or father,
but in each other they felt
bonded like a beautiful family,
they forgot about the problems
they were to face after that night.
As they lied right there,
kissing and lost in this
moment of true love, a
group of old schoolmates
threw firecrackers to
disturb their moment of truth, they
both shivered, hyperventilation,
anxiety, panic attacks,
both of them breathing heavy,
meds left back at their empty homes,
suffocating, bodies twitching,
still holding each other,
but the world was crumbling,
reality fumbling, time had
come for their leaving,
heartbeats increasing,
sweating in the moment,
tears gushing out of their eyes,
asthma attacks, both are fading
into the beautiful night,
the night passed, each moment they
were fading into a death
filled with bliss, when they
realised that they were going
into that good night, they held
each other’s palms, silent prayers
to be together in that next life…

Next morning, break of dawn,
no one was searching for
them, no one really cared
for these two folks,
day and night came and passed,
winter came, they were still
there, now frozen as stone,
summer came, bones crumbled,
birds flied by, one dropped a seed,
more moons later a tree
germinated, a beautiful creation
of two forgotten lovers,
ages came and passed,
generations came forth,
back and forth,
many ages later a Poet
sits underneath that tree
and writes a poem about
two lovers forgotten by time,
birds of the same feather
flew above him, one carrying
a flower petal and another
one singing, they’ve found
each other again…

By Eugene ‘Philosophisticater’

Artwork by Tomasz Alen Kopera

Philosophistication Poetry © All Rights Reserved ©

Birds Of The Same Feather

A story of Love and pain.

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