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Toothbrush and teaspoons;
simplicity is a weird ruin!
Decorate my skull with pottery
and flowery; mind now a pulpit,
I’ve tried pulling most from
the deep pit, I’m sipping on
old wells searching for ancient
bliss, old and drunk on history,
drunk on a search of a story
while I gag on ink, I’ve failed
to think, in love and on the brink
of comical insanity, it’s a bracketed
eternity, emotions are lit up,
meaning my darkness is lunging
within shadows, I’m knitting
rainbows with a queen, I’m
healing mindsets with delightness,
the Northern lights encompass
my heart’s shell, the notoriety
of my entirety has become
mere mockery of my past’s messages.
Had darkness become my sage?
Who worshipped who? The page
or the Man, the pen or the word,
served from the fall, called back
to the upward North, in mirrors
I can see my faults, cultic thoughts,
the shadow grows to terrorize it’s kin,
bent spleen and the conjuring
manifests; Sister Abigail served
me some tea, for the word I bleed,
for the page I whistled out fears,
with an open door I let them all in,
melting forms of Narcissus, they left
a house fire inside, the identity killed.
Mockery; hocus pocus; poke my
still body parts, hearts left dancing
to the life I granted my craft,
now I’m detached; the other bunch
mere ashes to dust: sprinkle those
into my arteries…

Innocence within, I’m seeing beauty
and waterfalls when I think, I eat
cereal and enjoy cartoons without
thinking of bufoons kidnapping
offsprings for a mental lynching,
Ignorance a disease, with truth
I’m at a dis-ease, no ignorance:
I needed a release, I realise I’m
now at ease, tasting peace without
plucking off pieces of me, elevating
from the pits, I’ve been grovelling
with beasts, I’ve been torturing
you with a lack of bliss, leaving you
flattening a crease on a diary
of my death note, none at fault,
I’ve found my form, I’ve found my
form without choking on foam,
by default I’m a survivor of sorts,
hunger games and I’ve found
the recipe for foods for thought,
let us sip on cocktails where cocks
roost within those molecules;
awakened you, the alarm awakened,
snooze or sneeze, time stops for no
man, I’m ziplining on frequencies,
in most instances I’ve been standing
still in chaotic wars, or eating woers
amongst racist folks, I’m unseen;
I’m the projectile unscene, uneven,
skinning ink from pages, feeding
everyone’s cartridge; come and
fetch your Nile, and fall into that
deadly denial when deadlines
determine how you punch lines or
pinch your head-lines.

Now don’t deprive self of a smile,
for I the monsters are sealed,
the royalty revealed, sanity instilled,
ink triple distilled, mindset
rekindled; now I’m seen,
the glistening little prince is revealed,
my Rose is found, I water her with
my light, as I sit through the
night watching her smile.
As I continue embracing my
cartoons and stirring up the
galaxy in my bowl of cereal
I say Ase!

By Eugene ‘Philosophisticater’

Artwork by MAHADEY

℗ Philosophistication Poetry ℗

2020 All Rights Reserved ©

Cartoon and Cereal

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