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Decapitate time with me, let us move
through the spaces when time freezes,
let us find a moment of blinking in
our forever moments of seeing,
find the means to breathe without
suffocation numbing our being,
let us find each other by the shore
of the chaos, fetch rainbows before
they sprout from clay-pots, stop following
the lights of the kingdoms, follow
the somber glimpse of enlightenment
in your own darkness, tired of fornicating
with disruption, tired of ruining mind
with corruption in search for another
worldly eruption, maybe this is an
induction into a new world, use your
lens as a compass, come and pass
by my pathway, pass and go; by that
you will see the paradox, where everything
becomes a blurry hoax, we’ve boxed ourselves
in concrete boxes, trying to find the means
to be what others believe as being,
the successes, the need to be Kings,
the need to shuffle the monopoly
currency that changes values, from
the simple walks to work, from the
morning coffee with a bittersweet taste,
to planting a seed and feeling like
you have learnt to create,
acting and moments to react,
intercourse and pregnancies, meaning
and purpose fuels our darkness,
managing our sanity with reasons
and sweet wordings, true love
symbolized by flashy weddings, no
longer upright, we are mannequins with
a missing pelvis.

The raging winds direct us to the erosion
of our insight, we follow the whirlwinds
trying to find the godly mindset, truth
causing rampage, lies causing a creation
of substance, revolution is carnage,
sweet protests and the feeling of oneness,
glitching consciousness, reaching out
for the divineness, episodic godliness
when the substance hits your blood-trails,
those swimming in the pool of hallucinogens,
those with cognitive universes and forgetting
the construct of existence out of the
mindset, we merely exist for we believe
in our fears of being non-existent,
we are locked in a very detailed illusion,
where a lie and an idea creates Goldilocks,
beautiful and yet locking us up
in our own fairy-tale, life and bitter-sweet
psychosis, no time when anything
can freeze, no external menopause,
or where we can escape this whole process
of continuous mitosis; born and again
born, we born our bones, blow our
psychological and emotional bongs
as we create more and more bonds,
we are one and yet apart, ecstasy leaves
us believing that this life is true art,
yes, its all true art from the sane start,
from the start that had no definitive start,
martyrs of their own inception, living
for the decryption of conceptions that were
passed down from our old generations.

So kiss the moon and the sun goodbye,
and then awake yourself from this fragile
lie, now see through the norms,
the dots and more dots that we abide
by, the beautiful sophistries that drive some
of us to carnage and destruction,
this is not enlightenment; just a new
illusion, there’s an infinite understanding,
when many eyes are opened, when insight
becomes insanely like confusion; like Seraph
and Cherubim keep opening your other
eyes until your whole form is defined
and made whole by the sight of multiple
eyes granting you true beautiful insight,
keep opening your eyes and blinking just to
stop time, this is the journey against the
whole meaning from the start; not
a finite game, the infinite game of
going forth and forth and forth until
the forths structure a firth into vastness;
more and more enlightenment,
more and more insight, grow and grow not
to give the ego the benefit of anointing
your current existence with pride,
the mission is rather vast, the mission
is to follow a path that has no path,
its for the irrational rational, those who
are willing to be intentional with their
creative destruction, where you get to
grasp the orbit of meaning, nay, its
not about some substance, its a journey
with a destiny that is redefined by every
taste of breath to the lungs, this is the
new form of attaining divinity, aye, where
reason dies and where sense lacks any
sense, where for your sense to make sense
they will need to fume out their incense,
the immense journey to the world
beyond the worldly world, this is
the way to pierce through the board game,
leaving sanity and entirety and allowing
self to explode into everything.
Breathing out becomes your breathing
in because you’re now part of everything,
the cosmos is now part of your blister!
Now start clapping for the wrong reasons.

By Eugene ‘Philosophisticater’

Artwork By MinDaniels

℗ Philosophistication Poetry ℗

2020 All Rights Reserved ©

Clapping For The Wrong Reasons

Escape the shackles of reality; but first understand what you’re escaping from and what you are escaping to…

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