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Remembrance on a chilly day,
the leaves dance to the motion
of my still emotions, it’s a moment
of bliss where kisses are floating
to mothers and above graveyards,
beating hearts craving true love from
a mother’s touch, when stomachs
growl when an empty plate carries
no lunch, when a jaw breaks after
life throws stones instead of lemons,
prepare sons and daughters for
their future loss of their wombman,
prepare fathers to care for their children,
when a tear has been shed, when time
decides to separate, when the dark
blinds an innocent’s life, when the
absence leads to strife, when you’re
no longer feeling the flow of time
and it’s only spite; at that moment
you commune with the sun, you
give into the wonders, you chase
lost memories, you find melancholy
in the beautiful sight of a smiling
carried child, you question life’s beauty,
love and death; such a beautiful contradiction,
you become a fool and fail to hug
another as a new mother, you fail
to love another one, still licking
your deepening scars, through many
suns and moons, seasons and talking
to tombstones, all just falls into gloom
and flowers no longer bloom the
same way they once did for you.

Now it’s a path of loneliness,
vulnerable, not able to love without
scaring your companions, failing
to find a shoulder to cry on, try
to find the right method to free you
from this ongoing melancholic fable,
sadness and alcoholic tendencies, hide
emotions behind riddles, consider dangling
from knotted cables, open bibles and
pitiful sermons and riled up old melodies,
you’re mellow when listening to
her hymns and tunes, afraid of being
attached to another dying human being,
so spread your wings and touch the
sky, but fall when you no longer
see where you’re flying to, learn to
hold heart from damage, flee from
self carnage, free yourself from the
open cage, remember you need to
let go of the hanging breast, on
earth we we learn to accept many deaths,
communion with the sun when your
heart breaks, touch the sun’s rays,
remember that the sun is always there,
just the difference in what we’re looking
at, life is similar, look away and see
how she lives in your everyday, she’ll love
you even though you might not see her
ever again, but she’ll love you even if
you only see her on a Tuesday on that

Commune with the Sun;
Happy Mother’s Day.

By Eugene ‘Philosophisticater’

Artwork by James Jean

Philosophistication Poetry © All Rights Reserved ©

Communion With The Sun

What is a Mother? Who is Mother? What is life like without a Mother?

Where is Mother?

How is Mother?

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