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Guten tag my fellow peasants,
welcome to the meerkat madness!
I. call I; the wise Blasphemer,
the crooked philosopher, the erosion…
Are we ever free? Is anything real?
Let us peel apart our lives, the
routines, the routines, the routines,
the intention of needing to be seen,
the career that leaves you fulfilled,
the need for purpose dimmed, without
occupation your lives lack demonstration,
this is the bottomless pit, our fall indeed,
sit still and demons haunt within,
devils on the search for paradise in
the lands of fiends, riddled beasts.
Vote, aye vote, the power is within?
Free your kin, soon the hope is fin.
The revolution, the sacredness of ideologies,
orgies of moghuls getting off on the sounds
of clickling coins, gold bones, skin
care, advertisements are daunting
leaving a bitter internal mourning, fake
fake fake, we believe in this fairness,
the lost cause of consciousness,
take a recess, yes, swallow some
LSD your freedom is part of a
false high, aye ye’ Highnesses
falling back and forth, sentimental
sodomy, needing statements from
articles written by synthetic minded
mercenaries, our roles deranged,
we are enraged, the debts, the lack
of depth in what we live everyday,
aye, these times have left your voids
swallowing ye’ in a bitter sense, you
still try to marvel at what isn’t, smiles
and joyous cries, social media likes,
run off to solitude; paradise is within
an off-switch, envy the off-white,
discriminate, criminalization of either
black or white, pride and false beliefs
in our might as time feeds on us,
we’re fantasy-driven beings, we’re
guilds standing for what is or isn’t seen|sin.

Pills and more pills, pharmaceuticals
blowing the Sahara up nostrils, GMOs
and victims believing their issues
deserve a greater audience; it’s a
greater dark scheme of things,
Coca Cola shoving diabetes into
open throats, clothings worn and
materials harvested by five year
olds while receiving two cent coins,
purchased shampoos provoking
tumors to bloom, your issues are
mere dots that are less seen, in the
vast wild beasts feed and the prey
never grieves, it’s the bereavement
of the believing, mental incisions,
it’s the time to be aware of your
awareness, the world burns, purpose
is a pose that we imitate in search
of substance in this life lived while
chunking on antidepressants, it’s a
sad Beautiful grotesque sight, the might
of the mighty weakens, then the weak
become the mighty and abuse peasants,
it’s a cycle of life my kindreds, power
is poison when pistols pout and blow
parables and riddles that breathtake,
the revolution has been systemized,
Che Guevara traumatized, alarmed
by human demise, justice has become
a lie, an old system operated on ancient
racial ties, high class, working class and
the existing mess in junkyards, this life
is a thriller saddening Ballard, the
compilation and collage of riots and
protests; the free are never free when
freedom is always a prize, decide,
decode, decrypt whoever they are,
your crypt shall be in an ancient mine,
you’ll disappear like melting glacier,
the world runs on mania…

Listen to the false seminars,
feel like reaching stars when
digital screens spit out elevating
cryptography lines, flat retinas,
regiments of deadly drugs,
economics and inconsequential thugs,
essential facts are ignored and
cynical ways tend to trend, it’s
a game of monopoly on a board
of chess, it’s a society that boarderline
romanticizes a mess, it’s more and
more speculations believed to be
emancipation, it’s opinions that
become opiates for the masses,
it’s social classes believing in some
Marxist safe haven, the truth is;
it’s all a damnation, truth is a
sour concoction, it’s dark poetry
in motion, merely daunting, it’s
all mind boggling, bogus sophistry
of human suffering…
What then shall free us?
Financial resets? A saviour’s return?
A revolution’s intents? An overthrow of
authoritativeness? A god’s intervention?
Or the cure for death?
Well, then does it all have meaning?
Maybe Meaninglessness is also Meaning!

By Eugene ‘Philosophisticater’

Artwork by Roby Dwi Antono

℗ Philosophistication Poetry ℗

2020 All Rights Reserved ©

DDos Attack

Denial of Service Attack… Existential yet?

Does Meaning have meaning?🤔

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