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Manipulate, mindstate,
syndicates of supremacy,
shares; gold and crypto coins,
decrypt emails from terrors
to leaders, agencies and waterboarded
martyrs, revolutionaries dancing
on keys, break the caps lock,
see the holy dove or the tweeting
duck, journalists thrown off the
ledge, reveal the systematic acts
behind the Vatican vail, hackers
and revolutionary masks; point
out the marksman; Snowden and
Assange, send in the Apaches,
african regimes and broken policies,
new world order and new ways of
policing, empires ruling over centuries,
entrenchment of peasantry, more and
more orderly anarchy, monarchy
led by corrupt and loyal fiends,
Rothschild and Oppenheimer,
Rockefellers and the house of Saud,
new level of bounty placed on
coats of arms, clipped off limbs
and central intelligences are the
closest villains that can save and serve,
Africa is an economic playground,
Asia merely a battleground; where
guns blaze and are justified publicly
on matters of religious beliefs,
militant ideas; coupe de’tats and
eye for an eye; tit for tat, cronyism
and citizens can remain as hungry
twarts; payday is when campaigns
are embarked, revolutionaries just
toothless dogs that bark; still invested
on by the same fiends with differing
Rules still break, bureaucracy chairs,
the redeeming are still nailed.
Corruption and exploitation, no time
to focus on emancipation, a revolution
is merely misdirection.

Abracadabra, peek-a-boo,
the pinnacle of deluded views,
various heads and yet one body,
states under siege, governments
under the claws of hidden sovereignty,
the state in a state of emergency,
trying to find the right path to an
earthly utopian eternity;
presidents just megalomaniacs;
big babies with toy policies and toy
soldiers toying around communities,
attempting to change the worldly
narratives, illegal activities and
a thousand plaintiffs, false beliefs
and ideas formulated by university
institutions, corrupted systems,
not in control, but in the control,
variables being moved around for
a stable cause, course of action
is to stay comfortable in an invisible
lane, invincibility a mere lie that governments
do tell, laws are false commandments,
the judiciary just false prophets,
digging graves; immature rodents,
undertakers taking most under,
telling truth is a blunder; lies and
political views; bring the blender,
government tenders; connections and
failed restitutions, your governments
are endangered.

Media temptation, media false
information, the boo’d is the true
good guy in this never ending song,
these never-ending symphonies
are hard to listen to, these heroes that
are given caps by systems are villains
with heroic personas, forge the false
true path, the goodness has many
meanings to see, political ambiguity,
freedom and independence are just
politicized notions too hard to
note, too hard to follow, political
parties merely pieces in that game
of vast monopoly, but who’s playing
that’s the mystery to behold
who’s throwing who to jail, who’s
owning the banks, who owing
who, where is the debt coming from,
the exchange rates are spiralling,
EKGs of economies, capitalism and
delusionism, these advertised truths
are truly amusing, wealth isn’t trickling
down the pyramid, many Philistines,
and yet the actual Goliath is nowhere
in the clear sight, boombust, die by
the state’s fist, truth is hidden behind
a dark black scary mist.
There’s a deep state all over…
They just don’t state the depth of
the state we’re in.

By Eugene ‘Philosophisticater’

Artwork By Zdzislaw Beksiñski

℗ Philosophistication Poetry ℗

2020 All Rights Reserved ©

Deep State

deep state
  1. a body of people, typically influential members of government agencies or the military, believed to be involved in the secret manipulation or control of government policy.

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