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This poem is a taste of mystery…the ecstasy of being.

Divine Love versus Ordinary love


It’s not uncommon for people to dismantle the contents of mystery

And in this recklessness pouring themselves into the bowl of selfishness

In our passion to pursue earthly desires

We dismantled the divine Love

And assembled ordinary love to suit our immense appetites

We were never satisfied with the contents of unconditional Love

It was pushing us towards each other but we had other plans

We wanted to eat from the palm of life with forks and knives

Not only did we want the juicy nectar

We wanted to create the chemistry of the juicy nectar in our own laboratories (hearts)

We want to harness the power of Love in our own misguided experiments

So, we created ordinary love out of our forgetfulness

Out of the nothingness of our being, we created a force that surpasses all forces

But there was a catch…it was unstable and full of uncertainties

It was a time/space entity, total devoid of all the attributes of unconditional Love

It was as sweet as the divine nectar but it was also poisonous

Fully loaded with all the toxins of life

Ordinary love is not equivalent to the divine mystery (Unconditional Love)

That which is forever flowing is true Love

That which has no burdens and expectations

Its river has no barriers

Its waters are the waters of the spirit

Divine Love is a garment for the selfless

Those who are clothed with humility

It’s the true substance of existence

Capable of nourishing a barren womb of life

And igniting the fires of hope

Divine Love has no end and beginning

It’s forever available

It’s the ecstasy of being


©Kenneth Maswabi



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