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Setting moon, emotions are
gloom, lilies didn’t bloom, I’m
stuck in my doomed mind, cloudy
sky, I’m floating in the dark, drowning
in the lonely sky, I have forgotten
bliss, it’s too fast, can’t reach out
for bliss, I’m kissing mirrors
searching for a happy face,
I’m walking a slow pace, racing
against the moving sun revolving
behind the cloudy scenes, if
life was an abyss, this would be it,
feeling pissed, following blown leaves,
maybe home is where I land after
this miracle mile, fumbling folders,
searching for a file, a photo of how
she would smile, I’m stuck with lonely
scenes, a black hole within me
leaves me without, I can’t hear the
beautiful sounds, it’s horrors and terrors,
justify intents with poetic smiles,
I’m reading many pieces when I
can’t really read me, this abyss is
too dark for light to be alive, this is
a sadness jive, expression can’t really
save from my own head, I’m walking
a path of faulty souls, I’m looking at
empty bowls while I dream of a brighter
time to come, a fox knows many a wile,
while I sit here being aware of which
is which but this darkness can’t let me
see the light in the next mile,
it’s moons and suns, death and life,
mourns and smiles, the road lacks
necessity, I’m losing my inner sanity,
the poetic sovereignty can’t feed
my mortality, I look at the East and
West, I can’t decrypt this life I
live, it’s proses and poems, I can’t
see the instruction manual to direct
my strides, footprints of the wise
swallowed by the tides, reading perceptual
lies, it’s mutually inclusive of me, us and
you, we’re drowning in an empty pit.

Let me kiss the sun with my dark lips,
I need to swallow the light,
enlightenment is too bright to
like sometimes, times are hard to
really decide which road to take,
now I’m trying to see if I’m faking
my life, I’m partaking in lifeless
deeds, I’m crawling out of my mind,
but too many thoughts keep
dragging me in, I’m racing with
reason, I need to be a fool sometimes,
this pen is a tool that spits out the
food for the soul, my sole is rubbing
off, the path I walk is rigid and
too thorny sometimes, I can’t hold
someone’s palm, I’m losing my sight,
I can’t see what is what, or which is
which, death has been smiling for
some in a while, I keep imagining if
mom would’ve been proud,
do I have enough sincerity, do I
carry enough love for my society,
am I a victim in a warzone,
Am I a photon, a product of light,
or am I merely stuck in a lonely night,
where stars marvel at my life
that lacks a plausible gist, serpents
and dancing nymphs, it’s an Eden,
death is reintroduced to immortal
beings, kings and queens, the throne is
a facade, you’ll walk miles and miles
till you fall off a cliff, clench your
fist, grind your teeth, polish your
feet, flee the illusion of being free,
we’re fleas rotting within, seeking
for the signs for when it all ends,
bend reality, stain life with sweat
and tears, tear your skins, escape
humanity for a time, see the limelight
when the artificial spotlight has
been lit off.

Free falling, maybe this is it,
calling out names of the nameless
visiers and scribes, maybe soon
it’ll be Ecclesiastical for me, it’s
all eclectic, sorrow is better than laughter,
bittersweet melancholy it seems to be,
this is all emotional, a cynical mind
has to weep for some time, lilac sky,
where’s sunrise, it has been dark,
time has been bitter to love,
life has been saddening, funeral
and graves, trauma feeding on
some of us, dust seems attractive
at this time, turn the sky lime,
maybe hope will spark.
I still want to kiss the sun,
meet the next moon with a smile,
it has been dark inside, the eclipse
had fed on my mind, the dark has
been hiding too many things,
meaning becomes meaningless when
life itself becomes a bit mean.
Try to see the sun in my palms,
that’s all I’ve been carrying to
feed some in this time.

By Eugene ‘Philosophisticater’

Philosophistication Poetry © All Rights Reserved ©

Emotional Eclipse

A poem that describes a poet’s life.

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