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The stream cleanses the rock, the weather
tempers with soul, sweating out thoughts,
forever I’m finding what is lost, stand
with me dear, the path is for the cowards,
lousy martyr, die by my own mind, I’m
tired I’m empowered, I’m searching for
bliss in 10 000 summers, find me in your
summer, grant me some sun flowers,
grant me a sun from your yard, hold
my breath, loosen me when I suffocate,
loosen me when you suffer my fate,
sound your trumpets, I’ll end my time,
I’ll follow the waivering clouds, I’ll
let your hand fall from being handled
by mine, I walk into more and more
sunsets, searching for direction, do I
find bliss, it’s mostly hissings, it’s all
about bleeding out the pigment,
soon I am greystone, hold me before
I find myself again, before my
fugitive is set free, before the purity
and innocence flees my house,
do you see my teary sounds, do
you hear my tears, do you feel me
scream, do you see the path changing
its ways?

Find me words to write, fine
me righteousness, snap my necks
a thousand times more, I’ve died
enough to learn not to be alive,
strive to be happy, my happy
place colonized by sanity and stress,
anxiety bakes reasonable cake,
I drink from my boiling wells,
pull me away from tantrums, swell
I’m bloated, I’m ratchet, just
tainted, not a bad man, just badly
maintained, I’m finding my own
heaven in my silence, I’m tasting
paradise in paragraphs without
being the one for cults, sound my
laughter, better gesture, I’m in my
corridor, on my way to my heart
to cleanse the core, still love I
live for, still a foe; then I love you more,
here to give blissful moans, sigh
and see breath form lore, I
hold heaven’s hands, smile and see
bliss through my teething soul,
float with me to the top of the
eucalyptus shrine, let us shine,
we shall radiate light, that’s our
delightful demise, explode into
formless forms and explore hearts,
mending those that break, don’t
quake child, the thunders pass,
the storms fall apart.

Look at me, do you see the
world, do you see the sea,
do you feel the breeze,
the quenching well,
the fruit that feeds on your pain,
the pain that fades away, it’s
a different world to embrace,
let us race to our beginnings,
where we planted the seeds
of being happy, no one shall
taste the dust, no one falls
far from us, turn farcries to
nearlaughs, it’s a new day,
follow me into my eucalyptus dreams,
where we meet the open sky.

By Eugene ‘Philosophisticater’

Artwork by Yacek Yerka

℗ Philosophistication Poetry ℗

2020 All Rights Reserved ©

Eucalyptus Dreams

Dream with me!

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