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Mauao Creative – the indigenous film commission. 


Mauao Creative – The indigenous film commission is a safe space to enable a unique and native point of view where the world of film and storytelling is concerned.

A space to provide an indigenous voice to be heard as championed. A space for story sovereignty and freedom for our people to be empowered.

Our goal is to provide the means to back a minority of peoples being indigenous, being of colour and being underrepresented in the film industry. To give them the opportunity and backing to tell their Māori, Pacifica, and Indigenous stories. To wield the tools to bring their vision to screens worldwide. And to have native industry creatives profit and give back to their Whenua (land), enabling sustainability within hapu, iwi, villages, and communities.

Over the generations of being suppressed, our stories have been undervalued. In modern times there is nothing more powerful than indigenous sovereignty, and the world needs these stories to be told.

Why are these stories suppressed?

After 140years of colonization in New Zealand, our voices have been silenced, confiscation of our lands and resources has been systemic, and the trauma is generational. We live in this truth; we live in a world that doesn’t know who we are. For humanity our people will be heard, in the name of justice; our voices and vision speak louder than words.

Why are these stories important?

Our stories need to be told by us, and it is our right be to have this opportunity through this platform, without prejudice, judgment, or inequality. Our stories are not only part of a unique history but a tool for our rangatahi (children) to stand in their truth and heal past trauma by understanding where they have come from.

An example of a Māori film feature documentary – The Legacy of Mokomoko

Aotearoa 1865 – The government passed laws to allow for the confiscation of land from Māori deemed to have been in rebellion against the Crown during the wars. Te Whakatōhea Chief Mokomoko was wrongly accused of Murder and thousands of acres of land in Ōpōtki were taken.

Born into the role of a Chief, protector of his people and land Mokomoko was a powerful individual that had the respect of many. Known for his intellect and strategic capabilities in battle he had secured land which connected to one of the most sought after ports in Aotearoa. Avaricious tactics used to take Mokomoko down for his land and destroy his people to this day is one of the most conniving ploys in the history of land theft. Mokomoko will forever be remembered as a significant Māori Chief who had to face an enormous injustice, yet Mokomoko sacrificed his life for the freedom of his people. Unbeknown that they would suffer greatly and be wiped out be all but 30 women and children.

The legacy of Mokomoko concept was submitted to Māori television network and NZ on air which is backed by a New Zealand Government. It was denied funding and feedback was that it was too controversial and felt that this story needed a celebrity face to be the host of this documentary. They didn’t agree that a direct descendant of Mokomoko relaying these true events was of any importance.

In conclusion, your support of this platform will help alleviate the barriers for indigenous creatives to be heard, seen, empowered and acknowledged in the film industry.

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