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From Beyond the Hedges

Spot the UFOs, spot the alien force
that abducts without passports!

When freedom they sold for the
bearing of a crumbling kingdom,
revolution disguised as a resolution,
truth they sought for in folklore.
Pride they formed from a house
of stones, history in corridors of
dry buried ancestral bones.
Sanity and reason they tore apart
like unwanted treaties, mind kept in,
mindsets imprisoned in rewinds of
television set war footages,
the foot ages when the journey
to an unseen destiny never ends.
Houses were turned down into mist,
homeless, left homes less of what
they were, regime mistakes, mistook
freedom as a weakness symptom,
the oppressed left searching for
awe from beyond the wall;
to climb they were shown
stairways to heaven’s door,
die and you’re free from this national
warzone. It all boils down to rotten
ovaries spewing another oppressed
legacy, the society’s freedom
is mere mockery, voting stations
governed by experts in forgery,
pure secular sorcery.
Survival and going forth to
flee from their electoral fixtures,
arrested and kidnapped folks,
handcuffs are on the hands of
time, independence never comes,
prosperity stutters, the television
screen is where their dreams die
and come to a temporary life.

Propaganda they swallow like sour
home made concoctions,
drilling in thoughts that sink
multitudes into a sea of neglect,
dignity they left drowning
in sewage burst pipes, water
scarce like indigenous languages
in their educational systems,
grasp and swallow that page,
learn from the Western keen,
that Cambridge certification
makes you what it is you must be,
you’re lost sheep if you don’t
belong in those corrupt offices,
you’ll be a vendor if you don’t
honour these written academic
Odysseys, they snap your sanity
like twigs awaiting to be scorched,
in this game pawns are made to
believe that moving forth is wrong, you
leave the king feeling cold, their
constitution cons, they leave you
imprisoned with chansellors for wardens,
this is your den young Simba,
you’re shackled to this hellhole,
the world is filled with moles, go
and you come back housing moulds,
men marry men, and they sodomize
other men and leave you bare, they
paint the Atlas with the blood from
your mothers’ burst eggs, yes, your
mothers preach righteousness when
they’re left in their povertious state,
children migrating to find happiness
and financial stableness while they
feed on showers on buzzing boxed
television sets; collect the ouija board
we’re about to ask your ancestors
why we’re using Western lore to
call upon them to raise from fossils,
we’re visiting wizards of Oz to
tell us about a future paradise while
they reside in houses in pearly gates,
tell me not to rant or to keep quiet
while those beyond the hedge rent
for a lifespan from a bunch of oligarchs.

Sniff on skin dead cells,
peeled freckles of dying offsprings,
ill, there comes another cholera omen,
it’s amens and amendments unknown,
it’s a state stating legibility
through commandments that they
bolster and foster to fit their context,
its lashes and lashes, it’s unemployment,
it’s being chased away when owners
of the house feel scared,
it’s patriotism, its my country you’re
in so flee, it’s food and you’re the flea,
you’re all criminals, you all look sus to me,
so shoosh; your struggle ain’t mine
to grip; yet on BLM we’re all brothers
in arms, ants in a march, threads
in knots; we’re all hypocrites of sorts,
hating each other from across the hedges,
its passes asked for for you to
pass through the ports, it’s blood
that washed a nation’s flag, it’s red
flags when salutations take form,
its more and more families dying
regurgitating foam, where is the
independence that they preached
when the colonials were dethroned,
independence is false!
End SARS; Zimbabweanlivesmatter,
what other slogan shall come forth.
Migration is very sensitive,
talk less, listen more!

By Eugene ‘Philosophisticater’

Artwork by Luciano Fleitas

℗ Philosophistication Poetry ℗

2020 All Rights Reserved ©

From Beyond the Hedges

Spot the UFOs, spot the alien force
that abducts without passports!

What is Immigration?

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