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The intention is to create a Maori Lending Institution with philanthropy at its core.


“God grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, Courage to change the things that I can and wisdom to know the difference.”      Prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr, an American Theologian:

I accept  that banks in New Zealand are biased against Maori. See article with statistics by Doctor Carla Houkamau, University of Auckland (Institutional Racism in Housing Based on Perceived Appearance). Her analysis suggests “there is, or at least has been in the recent past,  institutional racism against Maori in New Zealand home lending industry based on merely appearing more Maori”.  I cannot change this.

I accept that all Banks have no Maori members on their boards.

I accept all the major banks in NZ are owned by Australia including the Bank of New Zealand.

I accept that no bank will support growth and development for Maori on their Maori ancestral lands because it is too complex.

I accept there is no Maori Bank.

I accept, as a Maori financial adviser with a law degree and 40 years experience in land law and finance that there will be no change in these banks or their policies.

…….. Despite all of this, and though I am 62 years of age, I have the courage to change the things.  I can only try.

Imagine a financial institution with philanthropy at its core.  A financial institution which uplifts the psyche of an indigenous race of people that have had all their land stolen from them and now are denied banking facilities to allow them to build on what land is left.  A financial institution for Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, with policies and products fit for purpose for them in mind.

I want to create a lending institution which will support Maori applicants,  not only for housing,  commercial enterprises but also to have a philanthropic arm to give away profits to heal the hurts of the past,  present and to help make things better for the future.

Maori should have a fairer chance to survive and thrive in their own country and to have a safe and healthy home for their families with jobs to go to where they will be paid a decent wage.

Maori dominate the first place spots in the following statistics.

  1. Maori women incarcerated is the highest demographic in the world.
  2. Maori men represent highest incarcerated per capita in the world.
  3. Maori men lead the world in suicide rates.
  4. Youth suicide in New Zealand is a sad indictment on how we have failed as a nation, mainly for Maori children, especially those taken from their families and put into ‘care’.


The model I am suggesting can make that positive change.

  1. It will be a private lending institution which will be sustainable.
  2. I can bring in people at the highest level of banking minds together to help set up the whole structure for this lending institution.
  3. I can engage very good lawyers to protect this lending institution and to set up the charitable arm.
  4. I can draw on all my networks in the construction industry, planners, surveyors, architects, to build safe and healthy homes for Maori on their own land. These will be villages for all, not just insular houses with fences around them.
  5. I can set up lending facilities to help Maori to develop not only their land but also the natural resources on their land such as pristine rivers for salmon, fishing vessels and factories to provide jobs, hemp farms, agriculture, viticulture, tourism as examples.
  6. I can provide money for groups to are hamstrung and unable to help those in need especially women/men/youth in prisons, homeless, elderly, mental health.
  7. Education grants to allow Maori youth to go university.
  8. Financial literacy for everyone in schools.


For Maori,  a person’s name is the least important. This is who I am.


Takitimu is my canoe

Ahititi is my mountain

Waihirere is my river

Parihimahihi is my marae

Paikea is the overall leader of all of our tribes of the East Coast New Zealand

Whanau Apanui and Te Aitanga a Mahiki are my tribes

Te Kawau Kingi and Petiatakino Kingi are my grandparents


The intention,  upon receipt of funding,  is to create a formidable Maori Lending Institution with philanthropy at its core.


My contact details are:  [email protected]


Further reading:

Maps showing land loss in New Zealand.


Doctor Carla Houkamau “Unconscious Bias and Education”


Moana Jackson “Facing the Truth about the Wars”  Land taken from Maori by force.


Podcast Khylee Quince “Maori and Jails – Locked Up”


Compelling article from the perspective of an Irish immigrant. The Conversation: “From Parihaka to He Puapua its Time Pakeha New Zealanders faced their personal connections to the past”  by Richard Shaw.


Maori Indigenous Lending Institution

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