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the supernatural power wielded by gods and demons.
illusion, esp the material world of the senses regarded as illusory

Climb the anthill,
feel the elephant’s heavy fears,
feel the chill as stars bend
and orbit around God’s skull,
touch through the unseen, and find
the lost and be found, become an
information clown juggling minds
and creating pendulums made from
the sun’s rays; with a ball of enlightenment
at the receiving end, bring the ball
of chakra yarn, let us zip-line
to the Garden; the den of the tempted,
where serpents learnt to mention
the divine recipe, flee for a plea,
believe in the need to be, strip
off these fiends, pick up your
own eternity, your thought is your
remedy, see through the fishnet,
drop the darkness like fish-bones,
sit your royalty on the throne,
let the Oshun shine through the
bone, fold the earthly disk, frisk
the universe for some cosmic verses,
inhabit the energies, be in synergy
with the zodiac signs and symbols,
this is a starry light, enlighten the dark,
Jupiter with many moons and
sonic booms, Nefertiti soon to bloom,
fume your incense to alter the
book of life’s syntax, in this phase
we’re like maple; colorful aura,
here we’re rainbows after the storms
around our mindsets, we shine like we
just stood up from a pot of Au,
listen to the sounds, the signals
from the Tau, the new cosmic
philosophy, where reality crumbles
and divinity becomes humanly subtle,
Atlanteans searching for that Godhead,
huge serpent in a ouroboros stance,
bring the yin and yang, let us be
the yin and yang without the Saturn
walking on waters.

Let us till the magnetic fields and
harvest that Bermuda pizza slice,
let us shoot ourselves from the hive,
this is a cosmic truth that arrives,
sun needs to sleep for three nights,
the knights shall see the northern
lights divine, trumpets scream the
war-cry is nigh, Divalia is about to come,
shine your little light, twinkle that
soul’s fire, shine the lanterns, the
ark of the covenant needs the veil
ripped apart, this art exhibition has
come to pass; bring the compass
geocentrism is about to let us see,
eccentrics will be the new Timbuktu gurus,
bring all that Egyptian star-craft and
that Manger wilderness delight, new
gurus, Buddhas let us climb the Sinai,
let us see the ocean floor of the Nile,
those of the Bethlehem Christus the
pathway narrows; single file into
the library of life, bees in the hive,
smell that Blue lotus, soon the aroma
lets us reach the Highness.
Tribes let us embark towards the
tree of life’s bark, let the annual rings
leave us in matrimony with the divine,
Alkebulan, Assuwa, daughter of Phoenician,
Indo-Assuwa, Caucasian; let us all bite that
Canaan samosa.

Find me by the pathway, an eloquent
peasant, a mute merchant, but all
has been said, our spines have curled
searching for that immortality ointment,
so here I ask for anointment, from the
palms of the blessed; the nonexistent:
Sense it all makes to some,
sense it doesn’t make to most,
this is the piece to reveal the Maya,
the illusion and also the MAya, the power
What is it all about? Nothing and

By Eugene ‘Philosophisticater’

Artwork by Tomasz Alen Kopera

℗ Philosophistication Poetry ℗

2020 All Rights Reserved ©


What is it all about? Nothing and

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