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The Universe is emptied, the
stars are flickering dimming
to their demise, I’m a hatchling
from the shells of Earth’s core,
surrounded by void, lost in a sea
of floating rocks, debris and
ancient silences that echo
through it all, I listen, I try
to grasp the violent nature
of this silence, the fullness of
this emptiness, I’m claustrophobic,
I’m ashaken from logic…

Can you relate? Or shall I bent
jargon to a silent room, a dark
corner from where light refuses
to bloom, or is nothingness merely
nothing to your nature, from
being beings clustered in chaos,
in-bred from the flesh of
substance, with illusions that
carry context, pain that harvests
meaning and purpose, to belief
that dissects your true meaningless,
you need a more daring mindset,
a more defeated mindframe,
tamed and glazing at the orbits
of your messianic objects, the
ore, the shillings rusted by your
forefathers’ greed, your ancestral
sins, gullible beings trying to fit
something into a void.

Can you relate? Or is relation
a mere myth, should I shelf the
truth amongst your parables,
or should I serve you as it is;
A mere paradox, your merry
existences are contradictions
of your beliefs, from great and
wise men adulting and leaving
wives with hearts ablaze while
a nation is at praise, from
your women with snapped and
wrinkled backs and breasts
accompanying young women
to their deaths, to evil being
boxed in abstraction and sentiment
until the bombing of a nation
is no longer the breaking of a
moral ethic, can you relate,
can you face a truth that disgusts
the prayerful to shut their eyelids,
or are you gullible to keep finding
scapegoats in every timeline?

Again, I swim in nothingness,
finding that firmament that
was glazed upon for multiple
eternities, I find my own simple
truth that allows everything to
be while I watch it all fade into
winds, holding hands with fears,
oblivion, voids, deaths, unfairness,
crimes, sins, morality split, the
religious hiding in oils and cloaks,
mediaeval cosplay while the world
gets fashionable with corruption,
terror, abuse, anger, hate, pain,
murder… To keep and remind;
“You cannot save the world Eugene!”

By Eugene ‘Philosophisticater’

Artwork by Gyuri Lohmuller

℗ Philosophistication Poetry ℗

2021 All Rights Reserved ©


Nothing is for granted.

Is nothing something?

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