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Palm Face

I’ve sung silence in all directions
Held the unheld in darkness
I’ve bled simplicity, bandaged with
complexities, mourning all the moans
of the rejected, foreshadowed and lost souls,
the rejected when love left and they rehearsed hate
I’m a dwindling spark of hope during
your clouded night, buried in mattresses
while mates vacate from your heart’s
terraces, I’ve sold my values to be
believed, to be held close to a dreaming
mind, set me on your stools, palm
face, my mask is my own flesh, pay
me to sing in your direction once again.

When a loved soul hears breaking
hearts from seashores, the crackling,
the waste of a tear dropped once
upon a time, it’s a different story
to serve you sadness, the moomish
the shenanigans of the unloved.
The unemotional carrying a doll face.
The unfathered and unmothered,
the unbothered hunters and gatherers
nomads whispering love lores to deaf lovers.
Pour your soul into the bowels of my skull,
let me fall close to tell your tales
when your fathers fled from your mothers’ tits,
in search for another cliff from where
anxiousness is love from many fronts,
heartbeats are guinea pigs of confusion.

Luthers and Zacharias found pulpits
from where their manhoods fed on
unclaimed fruits, bake me hypocrisy
in Dante’s inferno, make me sense
your nonsense hidden in the common,
the plain truth is unsolved, lies and
ignorance leak even from the heads
of the wisemen, karma is Santa
with invisible handcuffs and a justice
of the cosmos, the uroboros is unwinding,
the abacus is unbalancing, the heart
is in ashes, atrocities, and dreams
fall into dust, hurting is wrapped in
psyche terms that unaccounts the
sinner in his head, heartbreak is poetic.

The Red Queen’s Race.
Your hearts are held hostage
by beasts and devils of sorts,
find solace in your own household!

By Eugene ‘Philosophisticater’

Artwork by Seungyea Park

℗ Philosophistication Poetry ℗

2021 All Rights Reserved ©

Palm Face

Palm to the Face…

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