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This poem is a song, a tear and a celebration of the most beautiful place on earth.

Poem: A beautiful heart


It’s not the strength of the heart beat

Or the size of the chest

It’s the beauty of the spirit

That dwells in this heart

It’s the garden of Love

That surrounds a beautiful heart

It’s the softness of its words

Its healing powers

Its charm and its simplicity

Its poetry and its humanity

It’s the sadness and the joy

That mystifies this heart

It’s the laughter and the tears

That envelopes this heart

A beautiful heart is a warm place

A place for comfort and compassion

It’s an altar

A place of fellowship

It’s a school

A place for wisdom and knowledge

A beautiful heart is a house of Love

A manuscript for humanity

A delicate path of peace

A beautiful heart is the only place on earth

That is made of pure tranquillity

And surrounded by the perfect light

A beautiful heart is the only place

I want to inhabit


©Kenneth Maswabi



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