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This poem is a dream

Poem: A beautiful Poetess


Once upon a time

In the land of poetry

A maiden was born

Not out of flesh and blood

It was the womb of being

Not exactly made of shards of matter

That conceived this beautiful being

Out of all her possessions

She chose none other than her emptiness

She was not known to have too many thoughts

Hers was a world of Silence

She was submerged in the substance of existence

Her voice muted by the stillness within

She was fond of listening

Listening to the canopy above

But she didn’t know the reason why

She was never able to learn

To sing as beautifully as the birds above

She did not lose hope

As her world was full of wonders

She stayed focused

On the substance within

She was not accustomed to sound

She was not expecting anyone

But one day, as she basked in Silence

She was awakened by a voice

Not that of birds above

But that of existence itself

It was not coming from anywhere outside her being

It was coming from within

It was the most remarkable voice

That held all wisdom

It was offering her something even more remarkable

It was offering her unconditional Love

It was the most beautiful of all her gifts

She was no longer full of emptiness

She was truly in Love with Love


©Kenneth Maswabi



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