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This poem is a blanket of sorrow

Poem: A blanket of discomfort


Covid-19 disease has brought us misery

Look at the heavy robe of discomfort

That dresses our facial expression

There is no happiness in the face of life

Death has plotted to occupy our homes

Sorrow flows from every crevice in our hearts

It’s not the kind of discomfort that disappears with time

It’s the re-writing of the book of life

Life as we know it will never be the same

We lost friends, teachers and parents

We are flabbergasted by the heavy handedness of this disease

We are totally wrapped in misery

And our path is in disarray

We need to refocus our body, mind and soul

And dig deep into our hearts

Maybe we will be fortunate enough

To find hope

Hidden in the turmoil of our spirit

This blanket of discomfort is too heavy

We have to remove it from the body of our lives

We need to replace it with hope

We need to bask in the ray of sunshine

And maybe then we will smile again

We will laugh again

We will dance again

We will be normal again


©Kenneth Maswabi


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