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This poem is a bowl of common sense

Poem: A Bowl of Common Sense


I have never seen a beautiful holiday

Inside the classroom of logic

All my happy moments

Are spent outside the perimeter of logic

It is the peace of mind and the happy heart

That fills the bowl of common sense

Do not judge yourself

Or pour hatred on others

It is a simple lesson of common sense

Spirituality is pasted in every corner of our daily lives

But we are forced to pretend that we are not spirit beings

It is wise to bask in your own Silence

And inhabit your own solitude

Peaceful moments are not cultivated in a laboratory

They are found deep in the substance of our being

Find your true self and submerge yourself in happiness

It is the spirit within that holds the keys to your freedom

Jump inside the bandwagon of spirituality

And let your life be a journey of hope

Do not be afraid of faith, hope and love

These are the cornerstones of life

The highly toxic ego is not your friend

It is the foundation for all your fears

It is the bakery of selfishness, hatred and wickedness

It uses logic to impress you

Only to poison you with the same substance of logic

Life is not a logical puzzle

Happiness is found in empty spaces of the heart

Peace comes to those who are free-spirited

Those who do not overthink or worry too much

Those who are fearless and unashamed of their circumstances

Hope is like a bowl of madness

But it is the remedy for a life of uncertainties and hopelessness

Love is a garment for those who are naked in spirit

This is the bowl of common sense


©Kenneth Maswabi




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