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This poem reveals a secret, life is the substance of the inner being.

Poem: A change in tune


Every now and then

Someone meets the unknown

Not out of curiosity

But out of awareness

The unknown is not a far off place (entity)

It’s a place inside the heart

For me it happened through poetry

I did not choose to be a poet

Poetry chose me

It took time

But I listened

As I jotted and listened

I expected the task to be cumbersome

To interpret the voice of the unknown

I thought it was beyond my scope

Now I know that my scope is irrelevant

The unknown is the voice and the interpreter

I am the objective witness

To capture the sacred knowledge

It’s not the accumulated knowledge

Or the many identities and achievements

It’s the undressing of oneself

And the nakedness of the spirit

That makes one a template

Or a substance for the unknown to inhabit

It’s only through the act of humility

That one is liberated from the forces of ego

And allowed to put on the garment of Nothingness

It’s only through the power of Love

That one is allowed to enter the ocean of awareness

And be submerged into the fabric of knowing

It’s only through the pedestal of hope

That one is allowed to exist inside the everlasting life

It’s only through the fruits of the spirit

That we become sons and daughters of God

It’s not your accomplishments that speak for you

It’s your realization that everything else is an illusion

Life is the fibre of being

Not the outer garments or the physical densities

Life is not material possessions or obsessions

It’s this power of knowing that will illuminate the unknown

And transform you into pure consciousness

Let not the achievements of man (woman) fool you

It’s the fabric of the spirit that dwells in high places

It’s the power of Love that holds the miracle of life

Be the fibre of the unknown

Allow your body, mind and spirit to be still

Don’t allow your thoughts or emotions

To ruin your day (life)

Don’t allow fear, uncertainty and hopelessness

To rule your life

Be the template of nothingness

Be the Silence within

Be in Love

Be the Love


©Kenneth Maswabi



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