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This poem unveils a different vibe

Poem: A different vibe


Poetry vibes with pantry

But there is no pan in poetry

Just the pen with extraordinary senses

That exudes the most sophisticated vibes

Yet it remains stuck in simplicity

Poetry is a dreamer’s pan

That he uses to cook his marvellous dreams

Not to be dished on the table of the palate

But to be rubbed on the innermost aspect of being

To awaken the most peaceful kind of existence

Poetry is a pantry of all sorts of goodness

The palate cannot refuse the goods dished by the pen of poetry

The aromatic taste of words opens the door to the inner realm

Into the pantry of being where the substance of being is kept

Yes, poetry vibes with pantry

Because the poetic spirit is a pantry of poems

That inhabits are our inner being

It is food to the spirit

A different vibe is not a different tide

It is the calmness of the sea of being that soothes the spirit

A calm spirit is a source of faith, hope and Love

Poetry calms the spirit with its colourful poems

Like flowers blooming on the shores of life

Poetry brings a tide of peace, happiness and Love

This is the vibe of a true Poet


©Kenneth Maswabi


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