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This poem reveals a path of Light amidst the winds of uncertainty.

Poem: A monument of Hope


Don’t look for hope outside the substance of being

Hope is a dimensionless entity

That only exist in the dimensionless realm of the spirit

Hope does not ask for any knowledge or qualification

Not even the status in life

Whether poor or rich, educated or uneducated

Regardless of location and distance

Hope is available to all

But it’s only through the path of Light (spirit)

That you can truly submerge yourself in hope

The monument of hope is not a monument

Don’t erect a stature in your backyard

And pray to it

Don’t seek after false prophets

And listen to their soothing words

The monument of hope is within you

Find your true self

And without any application of reason or logic

Submerge yourself in Silence

Not the absence of noise

But the stillness of body, mind and soul

Erase all thoughts and emotions

Let the spirit lead you into the chamber of secrets

Here, you will find yourself in a dimensionless realm

Don’t look for sign posts or billboards

Just embrace the moment

And stay there for a while

This is the monument of hope

A moment of peace

©Kenneth Maswabi


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