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This poem is a new world order (in my dreams).

Poem: A new era of politics (& economics)

There is a general consensus
That the conduct of politicians is out of order
Not merely because they are the symbol of corruption and selfishness
But because they have lost the ability to care for humanity
Their moral compass is dead (majority)
And the temptation to serve their own interests
Far outweighs their mandate to the electorates
It’s not uncommon for politicians to look away from the streets of life
Not because they are too busy mending fences
But because the streets is too dirty and awful for their liking
It’s the unkempt house of humanity
That concerns many
With diseases and poverty on the rampage
Humanity is not in a good state of health
It’s not too late to vaccinate the entire human race
And secure them from the effects of poverty and diseases
But a new era of politics (& economists) needs to be unfolded
A time when politicians (& economists) will be the custodians of our collective consciousness
And selfishly guard against any cannibalization of our common ideals
It’s true that first we have to redefine our ideal political & economic system
Not based on an ancient system of governess and economics
But based on the present needs of humanity and planet earth as a whole
We need to dismantle the democratic system (and all other systems of governess)
And systematically undress the weak points
We need to restore our common democratic ideals
And barricade ourselves inside the fortress of a true democracy
Humanity has suffered enough from the effects of selfish men and women
It’s time to let selfless men and women take the lead
It’s time to refurbish the house of humanity
Not with toys of materialism
But with the fruits of the spirit
Let’s allow compassion to take root in our hearts
And gentleness to define our character
Let’s bow down before the tabernacle of humanity
Not out of shame and defeat
But out of Love
Let’s be kind to each other
As we drink from each other’s palm
Let’s find rest in one another
Never to confront each other with hostility
The time for the egocentric self is over
It’s time for the Lover, giver, builder, dreamer and the seeker
It’s time to renew our world and consciousness
Planet earth is desperately looking at us
Waiting for that moment
When we will all wake up from our slumber
And pour our hearts into the vessel of life
Allowing her wounds to heal
We will gather together
Inside this womb of life
As beautiful newly born human beings

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