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This poem is an anchor for the spirit.

Poem: A note to the self


Regardless of the hopelessness

Do not move from the center of your being

Hold your face high inside the temple of existence

Do not be tempted by gold encrusted buckets of lies

Remember to listen tentatively to your intuition

Your awareness is far deeper than you can ever imagine

The Silence within is very much alive

Take note of all that is said by the voice of Silence

Meditate on all that is good

Goodness is a hospital for the soul

The soul is your guide

Through the thickets of life

Believe and have hope

Hope, faith and Love are gifts

To be worn on the open palm of our hearts

To be cherished in times of joy and sorrow

Be careful of all that scientific objectivity

It’s based on the thin surface of reality

It’s devoid of the inner most parts of the truth

It’s laced with uncertainties

Embrace your spirituality

It’s the pot of your wisdom, peace & happiness

It’s the surface of your existence

It’s the fabric of your being


Be in Love…be the Love



Kenneth Maswabi






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