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This poem is a plea to the citizens of the new world

Poem: A plea to the citizens of the new world

Many are crying foul
Over the vaccine embargo
That is stifling many low income countries
From entering the foray and be counted as citizens of the new world
I won’t say much about those anti-vaxxers
They have a difficult choice to make
To follow the tyranny of the mind (delusions of grandeur)
Or to fall in line and get vaccinated
It is the less fortunate that I am advocating for
Those who cannot put food on the table
Let alone get access to the high-end brand of vaccines
Big pharmaceuticals and big governments are still playing the dark capitalism game
Demand and supply are just not on the equation yet
The question is about geographical location or even race
It is survival of the fittest mode
Death is not a compelling reason on the psyche of these profit-driven entities
It is not a priority to get everyone vaccinated
Let alone those who are poor, vulnerable and of low economic status
It is a far more complex game
That takes us to another paradigm
The call for boosters is getting louder and louder
The talk of another variant taking over
Seems to be taking much of their attention
It is a reckless game that cannot be understood
By simply following public health protocols
Or even common sense
It is the theatre of everything broken about the human psyche
It is selfishness, hatred, wickedness and pure evil
That is stifling the equal distribution of vaccines
The victim at the end of the day is humanity
Humanity cannot be sustained on the top deck of inequality, discrimination and injustice
Humanity needs to be fed love, compassion, hope and dignity
Humanity needs all the people of the world to be equally represented on the table of the human race
Then true healing of the human heart can take place

©Kenneth Maswabi

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