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This poem is a canvas of the truth.

Poem: A Poet is not a Prophet


Appointed or anointed?

A Poet doesn’t care

He (or she) introduces his poem

On the podium of life

With no dogma attached

Just the unassailed truth

Deliberately painted on the canvas of life

A Poet is not here to convince you

But to illuminate the template of your being

And subject you to the power of awareness

The essence of your being is the fundamental chapter

In his message of hope, peace and Love

A poet is not searching for you

A Poet is seeking for the truth inside you

It is the evisceration of the debris of life

The puncturing of the veil of lies, deception and illusions

And the exposition of the naked self

A poet fiddles with the nakedness of being

And caresses the essence of existence

With words, a Poet unlocks the central nervous system of life

Disentangling the neuronal pathways of the spirit

A Poet dreams to be with your true self

To embrace your being and be the fibre of peace, hope and happiness

A Poet is not here to re-arrange your life

But to reinvigorate your soul

And ignite your spirit

It is the truth that needs to be liberated

Freed from the superficial layers of ego and delusions

A Poet seeks to unleash the real you

And let you roam the wonderful vastness of existence

A Poet speaks not of himself or herself

But of the beauty and essence of being

The ever flowing moment of ecstasy inside all of us


©Kenneth Maswabi




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