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This poem is an illumination of poetry.

Poem: A Poet is not a Teacher


A Poet is a treasure

Not to teach us about pressure

But to show us the way to pleasure

There are no palpitations inside the tabernacle of being

Just the vastness of being illuminated by awareness

A poet wants to submerge you into the ocean of being

To obliterate the pedestal of delusion and illusions

To loosen your grip on the hallucinogenic effects of life

And let you be the fabric of existence

It is true that you are the moment that never ceases to amaze

You are the pedestal of hope

And the ever shining monument of existence

You are a vast reserve of the precious elements of life

A reservoir for the spirit

A Poet is not a Teacher

But a healer of your heart

Like the capsule of medicine

A Poet brings healing to the fibre of life (spirit)


©Kenneth Maswabi



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