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This poem is a message.

Poem: A Poet’s message


In the absence of a message

A poet weaves patterns with words

To illuminate the intricate world of words

And this becomes his or her message

Words are messengers

Not to be compared to passengers

Riding the blank skies of time

Like raindrops, words carry the life-giving force

In small droplets, words are poured down

Sometimes as a drizzle

That soothes the mind

Other times words come as a flood

To submerge us in their path

And take us to the ocean of consciousness

Where we will come face to face with our true selves

And sometimes shed a tear

Or embrace our nakedness

It’s not sadness or happiness

That a poet seeks

A poet’s message is full of wonders

It’s not a secret that Poets are dreamers

But then the dream has to appear in daylight

And the poet will scoop it up with his shovel

And carefully plant it into your heart

It’s not just a marvel

It’s a message for you

From the skies of consciousness


©Kenneth Maswabi




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