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This poem is a river of tranquillity

Poem: A river of tranquillity


Outside the perimeter of reason

Beyond the valley of sadness

There is a river where tranquillity flows

Like a body of calmness

That overpowers everything

Overcoming all sorrow

A river of tranquillity is always flowing

Beyond the solid monument of knowledge

Into the vast territory of the heart

There is a river of tranquil waters

That quenches every soul

From this river, all souls are re-born

Ignited into a beautiful flame

That is neither hot nor cold

No tantrums or mood swings

Just tranquillity infused in every fibre

This is the river of tranquillity

That flows in every heart

Awaiting the arrival of the soul

The river stands still

Encapsulated in Silence

Enchanted and full of beauty

It is the entrance to the sacred abode

Of the most High

Don’t fear, just embrace your nakedness (inner being)

And let the infusion of tranquillity begin

It is the most beautiful state of being

An envelope that addresses all needs

A shelter for those who are weary

A fantastic place beyond imagination


©Kenneth Maswabi



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