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This poem is my sacred treasure.

Poem: A strange attraction


It’s not uncommon

To find treasure inside the closet

But this treasure is inside my heart

It does not glitter like gold

Or sparkle with a thousand carats

It’s a strange attraction

That draws me to it

Like a rose, it’s seductive

And full of mystery

It’s the absence of form or meaning

That gives my treasure its value

It’s the ageless fabric

The smooth contours

And the absence of man-made inscriptions

That gives my treasure its timeless beauty

Like a garment of Love

My treasure wraps around my being

Giving me hope, joy and peace

It’s the flawless tone

The colourless fabric

That is stuffed in my heart

I am clothed with this treasure

From head to toe

The substance of my being is submerged

Swallowed by this beautiful gem

There is no blemish or defect

Just the purity of its fabric

It’s a strange affection

Between me and Love

©Kenneth Maswabi









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