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This poem is the clarity in our skies.

Poem: A Vessel of Turmoil


Listen to the empty sky

There is not even a hint of Love

Just the hovering silence

That clouds our mind

Painting our sky blue

Filling our hearts

With the beauty of nothingness

It’s the best example of our true selves

As we undress ourselves of all our thoughts and emotions

And address our being

We become the vessel of emptiness

Like the sky

We become pregnant with Love


Now listen to the full sky

A vessel of turmoil

That fills our heart with fear

The thunderous realm

And bellowing skies

Gives us the creeps

It’s the best example

Of ourselves

As we pile our lives

With filthy riches and materialism

We become full of turmoil

Forgetting our faith

We become selfishness

It’s the best example of ourselves (ego)

Lost inside the house of hopelessness


Our thoughts and emotions

Are temporary garments

Vessels of turmoil

That captures our joy or sorrow

When you are done

Let them go

Don’t hold unto them

Filling yourself with misery

Discard them

Be free

Embrace your true being


©Kenneth Maswabi



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