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This poem is a door into the life of a spirit poet.

Poem: Accused

I have been accused

Of lacking emotions

Yet I hold a sky full of tears

A vein full of sorrow

And gallons of Love

I am a river

Carrying human emotions

Swollen vessels

Cover my face

Streams of tears

Lay rotten in my mind

I hold the bowl of pain

On my bare hands

Stitched on my palms

Glued to my soul

I hold an ocean of love

Buried in my spirit

Drilled to my soul

I hold not anger

Or vengeance

All forbidden spears

In my arsenal of words

I hold not to the hands of envy

Jealousy is not my friend

I hold onto the tree of peace

The hand of compassion

A humble heart is my home

Kindness is my composition

Hope is my path

Love is my story

I am a spirit poet





Kenneth Maswabi







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