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This poem is re-writing all the injustices in this world.

Poem: Addendum


I am re-writing the president’s speech

I am re-articulating the layman’s pain

I am re-affirming the poor man’s hope

I am re-introducing the common path

I am re-energising the United Nations

I am repeating the message of hope

I am repealing the bill of war

I am rejecting police brutality

I am re-injecting the spirit of togetherness

I am repeating the pastor’s sermon

I am reiterating the teacher’s lesson

I am resurrecting freedom

I am restoring peace

I am removing pain and suffering

I am rejoicing with everyone regardless of race or religion

I am revamping my message

I am repeating myself

I am re-writing your story

I am re-articulating your poem

I am re-affirming your desires

I am re-introducing your dreams

I am re-energising your life

I am repeating your mission

I am repealing your anger

I am rejecting your letter of unemployment

I am re-injecting your spirit

I am reiterating your point

I am resurrecting your vision

I am restoring your peace

I am removing your pain and suffering

I am rejoicing with you

I am revamping my hope

I am sharing my Love


©Kenneth Maswabi


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