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This poem talks about madness…beautiful madness.

Poem: Addicted to scribbling


This is not a known disease

Or a new drug of abuse

This is insanity

That has been poured onto my being

This is madness

That has taken over my life

I am a spirit poet

I am a seeker

I am a dreamer

I am a Lover

I am you and him and her

I am all of you

Disjointed by greed

Glued together by Love

I am your pain and your laughter

I am your kiss and your tear

I am everything that you are

I am everything that there is

I am awareness

I am clarity

I am sober

I am drunk

I am addicted to scribbling

All of our thoughts

Our emotions

Our existence


Forgive me

For trespassing

Into your being

My abode

I am Love


©Kenneth Maswabi


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