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This poem looks at the hopelessness life of an african child and sees hope at the end of the channel…Love is the only antidote.

Poem: African Child


A system has been constructed

Under your feet and over your head

To oppress and deny you the fruits of life

To undress you and bake you in the oven of life

Until you are as dark as the pot of black magic

To hide you from the hands of prosperity

And bury you in the tomb of darkness

You have been specially selected

For the open mouth of poverty

To devour you and swallow your thoughts

To digest your dreams and crush your plans

You have been chosen

To bear the womb of suffering

And hold the cup of diseases

African child, my African child

My tears are not enough to cleanse you

My hands are not strong enough to protect you

From the hands of capitalism and other axes of evil

That seek to destroy you

From the house of humanity

That has abandoned you

To the scourge of racism

That craves for your blood

African child, my child

Do not submit yourself to selfishness and materialism

You are bound to continue the cycle of betrayal

Prejudice and systemic injustices

Hide your face from wickedness

Do not be partakers in evil schemes

Tribalism, nepotism and xenophobia

Tools for your mental slavery

Love is the only antidote

The bandage and the balm to your wounds

Love one another like never before

Love is your only inheritance

Be in Love

Be the Love


©Kenneth Maswabi






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