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This poem tells the story of my life

Poem: Again and again


I am tossed to and fro

Between my realms of madness

It is the thrills of life spewing on me a bucket full of toxins

And the hospital of Silence ready to admit me

I am a persona non grata inside the coils of life

I have to vacate my seat of madness

And be among my friends

Inside their mad train of social media

Or should I hide inside the veil of Silence

And be one with the thread of existence

This is the story of my life

To be tossed to and fro

Between logic and the beyond logic

I have to travel between worlds of dimensions

Into the dimensionless world

Where I am deflated of my ego

My spirit filled with the sacred waters

And my being cleansed of the toxins of life

My heart restored to its original cubicle of beauty

My life is like a beam of light

Between the hot surface of the sun and the coldness of life

In order to comply with the laws of nature

I have to apply my wizardry and be the photosynthesis of life

I should let myself be absorbed by the sticky surface of life

Or maybe I should remain trapped inside the halo of the sun

Where I can be the magnificent eclipse between the realm of humans and God

I choose to be tossed to and fro between my realms of madness

I choose to be humanity inside the human capsule


©Kenneth Maswabi



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