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This poem stands against war.

Poem: Against War

The battlefield is not a place to write poetry
But it is a place where poetry is abundant
There is no justification for war in the 21st century
War will only get us back to the era of darkness
We need to raise our pens and defend humanity
Every human being is a sacred part of us
Regardless of their location, religion or race
We need to occupy the face of the world
Our words need to wail in disgust
Our pens need to bleed for those who are suffering
Our tears need to fall hard into the mind of the tormentors
We must plead with our collective consciousness
To open every heart and to cancel every celebration
We need to submerge ourselves in despair
And be dressed in disgust
This war is not their war
It is our war
We have failed to develop the human conscience
We have left others behind
While we were chanting our love songs
We must go back to the drawing table
And paint the world with the colours of our pain
Together, we will extinguish this war
Our pain will be our weapon
Our disgust will be fed to the warmongers
This war will stop, only if we speak with one voice
Dedicated to the people of Ukraine
©Kenneth Maswabi
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