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This poem speaks about a time that stands isolated outside the walls of time.

Poem: Aloneness is a time outside time


The walls of consciousness are too far apart

To allow me the freedom of thought

Nurturing my senses

Nourishing my mental capacities

But there is a time and place

When everything collapses

And nothingness emerges

Out of the footprint of consciousness

On the sand dunes of existence

Aloneness is a time to be nothing

Inside the ocean of nothingness

To be non-existent

Inside the walls of existence

To vanish into the spiritual you

And be with others

To command the sea of consciousness

And let it be still inside you

So that you can be with God

It’s truly remarkable

To hold all of eternity in your hands

And be empty of yourself

To exist outside the house of existence

And still be conscious of existence

To be emptiness

And yet be full to capacity

Aloneness is the portal to nothingness

Learn to fully embrace your true self

And be free to be alone in the stillness of existence or nonexistence (God)


©Kenneth Maswabi





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