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This poem celebrates some of the most beautiful people on earth.

Poem: Amazing people


I have met so many people

In all kinds of situations

I have met the bold ones

Totally fearless

Unperturbed by the presence of uncertainty

Fully geared for combat

I have met the gentle ones

They poured a sense of calmness into my being

They left a huge piece of themselves in my heart

They are ever special to me

I have met the reckless ones

Fully loaded and ready to explode

They are like a loaded gun in the wrong hands

I try to stay away from them

I have met beautiful people

With their colourful scent

And a whole lot of expectations

I enjoy their garden of beauty

I have met bitter and nasty people

Those who hold wickedness in their hands

I am shaken by their carelessness

They are not afraid to haul humanity into the pit of darkness

I have met amazing people

They are the most interesting people

They are a blend of kindness, beauty and charm

Totally selfless and fully prepared to give

They give with their hearts (not hands)

They are the most abundant people

I am in love with them

Yes, all of them


Inspired by Mary Lynn Luiz and Marius van Wyk

©Kenneth Maswabi


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