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This poem reveals the true contents of life.

Poem: An extraordinary journey


It’s not the pile of material accomplishments that decorate my heart

It’s your friendship that is displayed in my soul

It’s your compassion that paints my path

It’s your kindness that moulds my heart

It’s your humility that arouses my senses

It’s your love that unveils my spirit

It’s your silence that unbuttons my thoughts

It’s your words that unties my pain

It’s your wisdom that gives me strength

It’s your beauty that gives me joy

It’s your smile that gives me hope

It’s your warmth that satisfies my soul

It’s your peaceful existence that gives me comfort

It’s your fearlessness that gives me courage

It’s your love that frees my spirit

It’s your happiness that fulfils my desires

It’s your sorrow that opens my heart

It’s your laughter that keeps me sane

It’s your tears that washes away my sorrow

It’s your pain that releases my compassion

It’s your heart that knows my pain

All I need is found in you

Together we are complete


©Kenneth Maswabi



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