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This poem is a honest apology.

Poem: Apologies


I am a spirit poet

Not a hammer and nail

To feed you pain

Apologies for the chain of poems

That I have hammered into your mind

I have nothing else

To offer you

Except these pieces of poems

To soothe your mind, body and soul

And bring back the smile

You were hurt

By the pungent smell

Of my last poem

You were intoxicated

By the ecstasy of unconditional love

You were pierced

By the solid poke from my poem

Apologies for all the jabs

It’s not my intention

To hurt you

Or fight you

I am a spirit poet

Not a boxer

I hope

One day I will be your poem

Then you will forgive me

For taking so long

To kiss your lips

And be your wine

©Kenneth Maswabi


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