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This poem is full of the sacred foolishness.

Poem: April fool’s day Poetry

April fool’s day Poetry


I have uncovered a conspiracy

Inside the house of Poetry

It’s not the spells that are full of words

It’s the words that are full of spells

To bind the mind, body and soul together

And make the spirit flow

In every trinket of mystery

The charm is hidden under the mirror

It’s not an ordinary mirror

It’s the blindness of our eyes

Feeding us the illusion

While the solution is in plain sight

We can always open the portal of knowing

Deep inside our hearts

Then we will find the path of Light

Into the realm of the unknown

It’s only through the mental faculty of foolishness

That we can let go of ourselves

And let the fabric of being be our guide

We can hold onto the cord of Silence

And follow the substance of our being

Into the realm of nothingness

Here we can no longer drink from the cup of logic

We need only to have faith, hope and Love in our hearts

Then we will walk out of our fears, hopelessness and uncertainty

And be freed from the chains of our constructed selves

Our attachments, achievements and expectations will disappear

Even our identities will be melted

And all our being will be cleansed

It’s the nakedness of the spirit

That contains the substance of the unknown

It’s the river of life

That flows from our hearts

It’s the substance of unconditional Love

That is hidden in every heart

The mystery of true knowledge is not its complexity

It’s its simplicity that does not fit into the cup of logic

Our mental faculties have been taught to follow the matrix of logic

Our eyes are fed the illusion

Now we are failing to see the contents of our hearts

We are unable to see our true selves


Let us all be fools for our own sakes

Happy April fool’s day!!!



© Kenneth Maswabi



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