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This poem is my birthday present (14 November 2021)

Poem: Are you satisfied now?

In an open defence of my true self

I will climb to the highest mountain peak

And shout to the cosmic winds

I will call the heavenly seasons

To be my witnesses

To unravel the mystery of timelessness

I will not bow down to time or space

I will open the buttons of my immortality

And let my undying spirit be the evidence

In this court of astrological and heavenly giants

I will give my testimony and allow the truth to be known

I will not let the fluctuations of time and space

Blind my eyes with their deceiving story

I will kneel down before the tabernacle of hope

And declare myself a Lover

I will not cringe at the sight of my faith

I will fold myself and embrace my being

This is my true colours

My commitment is to the everlasting Life

My passion is not a poisonous delusion

It is a source of the perfect state of being

Silence is wrapped around my body, mind and soul

My spirit is a place of unconditional Love

My life is an illumination of the unknown

My Love is forever unfolded

This is the gift of the sacred Light

It’s not madness

It’s the mystery of the substance of being (consciousness)

That is unfolded on the canvas of my life


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