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This poem reveals the light at the end of the tunnel.

Poem: At the crossroads of logic

The future is uncertain

Humanity is at the brink of a melt down

The monsters of fear, hatred and hopelessness are breeding

We are facing not just the threat to our lives

But the overwhelming feeling of doom

We are at the crossroads of logic

Our mind-based philosophies are failing us

Our mental capacities are not built to handle the current events

We are utilizing all our sacred energies

Trying to keep our souls warm

We don’t know how to ignite the fire of hope

We have lost the everlasting knowledge of faith, hope and Love

We are walking in darkness

Logic has taken us away from the classroom of the spirit

Our calculations are not adding up

Even the latest technology cannot immunize us from these spiritual diseases

We are full of fear, hate and hopelessness

We can’t find our path

Logic cannot extract us from the territory of these monsters

Only the spirit knows the way

But we have long abandoned the spirit

It’s a futile exercise to exert ourselves

We are going to end up fighting each other

We have to stop and pray

Maybe the spirit of humanity will be ignited

And the path of Light will be illuminated

We have to find ourselves

And submerge our being into nothingness

Here we will find hope

And no conspiracy theory will be big enough

To obstruct our path

Or distort our reality

We will find our peace

And humanity will be victorious



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