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This poem is insanely sane.

Poem: At the door of insanity


Some doors are supposed to remain closed

Neither I nor you want to go outside

We are all stuck in our little piece of reality

Where life seems to be more understandable

And the sun rises from east to west

In a predictable pattern

All horizons are accounted for

Even the sunset does not occlude our vision

With its robe of darkness

It’s a well-constructed reality

You wake up everyday

Inside the house of humanity

There are no mental frames to choose from

Except for the mask of ego

That seems to be the dominant form of insanity

It’s not insanity that I am afraid of

It’s the door of insanity that makes me shiver

In my little piece of world

My insanity is enough to satisfy me

I don’t want to open another door

Because that door will lead to another door

Until all doors are opened

And I will not fit on my favourite flavour of insanity

I will be forced to be sane

For the sake of peace


©Kenneth Maswabi


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